Fraternity Farm Ashby Ma.
Peg & Beam was hired by the owner to save this post and beam barn. The Barn was in need of raising
and structural repairs. Many of its sills were rotted away and the posts holding it up very low. The floor
structure was in need of repair and the siding, windows and doors in need of replacement. Please see
what we have done to save this great barn.
New Shiplap awaiting windows
The back of the Barn had 3 layers of barn board in
spots with cedar shakes on the outer layer. After
lifting the barn level the stone foundation was
shimmed and the siding replaces with new pune
ship lap. New doors were added and windows
A before and after view of the gable end
There was plenty of old blocking to try to keep the barn up. Some of the floor beam had to be replaced
and the posts resent on proper footings after lifting the barn level. We reused as many of the original
granite posts as we could and replaced the others with 8x8 PT.
The Front of the barn was stripped to the old barn
boards and resided with new pine clapboards. The
double hung windows were replaced and the large
transom window rebuilt with antique glass.
The roadside was resided and all
windows replaced after lifting the
barn. Original granite posts were
reused along the outer wall to
support  the barn.